Corps: zones à risque aggravé

Circulaire JWLA-032 du 18 décembre 2023



Eritrea, but only South of 15° N

Defined waters: Cabo Delgado

The waters within 50 nautical miles of Mozambique and Tanzania enclosed by the following boundaries:

  • To the north, from Mnazi Bay at 10°19.6’S, 40°18.9’E to high seas point at 9°50.7’S, 41°7.6’E.
  • To the south, from Baía do Lúrio at 13°30’S, 40°31.6’E to high seas point 13°30’S, 41°28.8’E.
Defined waters: Gulf of Guinea

The waters enclosed by the following boundaries:

  • On the west, from the coast of Togo 6° 06′ 45′′ N, 1°12′E, south to
  • high seas point 0° 40′ S, 3° 00′ E

and then east to Cape Lopez Peninsula, Gabon 0°40′S, 8° 42′E.


Named Countries shall include their coastal waters up to 12 nautical miles offshore, unless specifically varied above.

Named Ports shall include all facilities/terminals within areas controlled by the relevant port authority/ies (or as may be more precisely defined by Insurers) including offshore terminals/facilities, and all waters within 12 nautical miles of such but not exceeding 12 nautical miles offshore unless specifically stated.

Version contractuelle JWLA 032